Monday, April 15, 2013

Could MacT Fans Who Are Also Gagner and Hemsky Fans Be In For a Rude Awakening?

While fans of Craig Mactavish are likely rejoicing right now with MacT once again taking on a prominent role in our organization, their celebrations might soon turn to surprise or even disgust before the Oilers even start their first full season with MacT in the GM chair.

Mactavish talked about looking for Lucic types of players, if there's one thing that Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky aren't, it's guys that are big, tough, and hard to play against. A post on HF today got me to thinking that Gagner's time here is about to run out after 7 more games. Spector on 1260: I've had lots of hockey conversations with Craig over the years. Gagner gets moved this summer.

Could we finally have a GM that sees that having RNH and Gagner as our top two centers simply won't cut it? Could we see MacT's "genius" get called into question if/when he sends #89 packing because he still sucks on draws and isn't strong/defensively sound enough to battle the leagues bigger centers?

So then what if Mactavish doesn't stop there and he punts Ales Hemsky out of town as well? Hemsky definitely wasn't standing up for his former bench boss just prior to his last days as Oilers coach and I'm sure that MacT remembers that and that he might quite enjoy dishing it back to Hemsky.

IMO both of these players need to be shipped out of town before we really make a push. Neither player has the ability to dominate games when they are played physically. Neither player will win you many much needed board battles either.

If the team that Scott Howson left behind in Columbus is any indication, he will be a great asset to our team in terms of bringing in grit and value FA's. How ironic, after years of chirping Tambellini, MacT might be the guy that runs Gagner and Hemsky out of here.

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