Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"It Was a Lack of Offense"

Really? I have been clamoring for this team to roll with 3 true scoring lines. It eases some of the competition against some of you offensive players and it makes you a tough team to match up against.

I made a blog post a few days ago saying how the Oilers were equally as bad offensively and defensively, yet the team chose solely to try to rectify their defensive and PK woes by bringing up Tim Sestito.

What they didn't do was try to shore up their offensive woes. Rob Schremp is dying for a chance, and Gilbert Brule must be wanting a change of address to the great white north as well. Schremp only has 8 points in his last 4 games in Springfield, but why would you want a guy like that on the Oilers? Brule has been good for almost a goal a game of late as well.

If you want to make a statement to your team, you call up these 2 and drop, Horcoff off the top PP unit and insert Schremp. You make Nilsson a HS and insert Schremp. You sit out whoever and get Brule in there and give him 2nd PP minutes as well as top 9 time.

Playing musical chairs with the Stortini's and Brodziak's of the world does nothing. Having hungry and ultra talented kids threatening the job of the under producing top 6 guys on the other hand, THAT is how you send a message.

However more offense will probably mean that Spurgeon gets the call.


hunter1909 said...

You're not serious. MacT? Coaching normally?

Oh no. MacT will continue to use his usual "methods", oblivious to the catcalls. He thinks he has a job for life. And will act accordingly.

This franchise hasn't even hit the depths yet.

PS: Have you heard the rumour about him imperiously informing some disgruntled players that "only players get traded, never coaches" !? LOL He's turned into a raving lunatic. The only problem is, why the f**k doesn't anyone fire his ass?

Sebastian said...

I'm not in favour of seeing MacT go....well at least not yet. But you are bang on when it comes to Schremp and Brule. This team has no offensive drive, with the exception of Hemsky and Souray. At this point putting Schremp into a 2nd line role could not hurt and it would likely serve to get Gagne and Nillson looking over their shoulder and get some urgency in their games. I think they are babying Gagne too much. He does not deserve to be on the ice late in a game when you are down 1.

Bryanbryoil said...

They need to give Gagner softer minutes to get going again. Throwing Schremp and Brule into the fire (especially Schremp) would send a message to the other guys (young and old) that there are others skilled guys coming along in the system and that they need to be better or they'll be gone.

Schremp's play yesterday and in a number of games this year in Springfield is better than what I saw from Nilsson in Springfield last season.

Why not give him the shot that he has earned and wants so desperately. Tapping Rob on the shoulder and telling him "go out there and create offense" would be what Rob needs to get going at this level. Loosen up the reigns and let him play his game.

Results will come, that much I can guarantee.

raventalon40 said...

I like Spurgeon, but I agree with the call ups. I actually mentioned that before with Gagner as well. But I realise now that the Oilers can't send Gagner down to Springfield without passing him through waivers so I guess he'll have to be a healthy scratch.

Bryanbryoil said...

The Oilers can't send Gagner to the AHL for anything more than a 2 week conditioning stint because he comes from the CHL and is under 20 years old by the end of this year IIRC.

To send him down, they'd have to return him to London, or possibly play him in the WJC's.

IMO a HS for a game or 2 might not hurt.

oilerdiehard said...

Solid post. I mean if you are going to throw out a line of Reddox, Sestito and Smid. Then complain about offense. Why not try what you suggest.

I see you are coming around to my thinking. that sitting Nilsson for a couple and replacing him with Schremp might be worth a shot.

Bryanbryoil said...

IMO Gagner is the guy that I'd target ODH. However he is playing hard and we can't send him down for more than a few weeks.

However thie team needs a spark and some offensive pop. If Brule and Schremp or Schremp and Potulny can come in and provide some of what the kid line did last year, it would really help the team.

I truly believe that at this point Schremp is ahead of Nilsson at the same time last year.

Coming off of a game where he put 7 shots on net and looked like and NHLer among AHLers, he should get the call. Whoever sits sits, the bottom line is that it's time to give #88 a real chance with real linemates and real minutes.