Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Now?

So you call out Penner, you continue to crap on Garon while using Pete Peeters as your crutch, a lengthy layoff, and the team had as much energy as a guy with a 72 hour pass to sleep with every actress/model he could in that time would at the end of that "spree", nada.

The same old slow starting Oilers, it's the same crap killing this team over and over again. If that's not a sign of a coaching issue, what is? MacT followed up his berating of Penner with moving Smid to forward and looking for more "grit" in adding Reddox and Sestito to the teams mix.

I wonder if another goal would've helped more tonight than extra "jam". Too bad that this team is filled full of sugar free "jam". This team is the O'Douls of "jam". Knowing MacT, Roli starts next game, MacT demands that Tambellini signs Guillaume Lefebvre so that Schremp doesn't get a chance, Smid stays at forward as they call up Peckham to fill Grebeshkov's or possibly Staios' spot in the lineup.

What should happen...

Time for some guys to get some "conditioning stints" in the AHL. Stortini, Brodziak, Nilsson, Pouliot, any 3 of these guys can get some time down there to get their games in order.

Then call up Schremp and Potulny or Brule. By calling up Schremp and Potulny, you have instant chemistry and 2/3 of a successful line at the AHL level. Oh yeah, and Potulny plays on the PK Mr. Mactavish.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise if nothing changes, it's been this coaches MO for some time. Beating a dead horse into hamburger while expecting it to come back to life. Trying the same thing over and over when it has failed time and time again is pure stubbornness.

Katz, it's time to show the people in this organization, and those that have $ invested in this team that mediocrity is unacceptable. Allowing this same old song and dance much longer just goes to show everyone that it's business as usual for the post dynasty Oilers.


love4hockey said...

I agree reconditioning is needed. The head space of some of the players is definately out of shape.

Bryanbryoil said...

Out of shape, down on confidence, not playing hard or often enough, etc. It wouldn't kill them to send a few of these guys down to infuse some new life.

Imagine a skilled version of Reddox and Sestito coming up and playing with jump.