Sunday, November 23, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard, and so do Old Coaches

The Oilers are the 6th worst defensive team in the Western Conference and the 5th worst offensive team in the Western Conference, so which deficiency do you think that Craig Mactavish is trying to shore up? Do I even need to bother wasting my finger tips telling you?

My finger tips thank you! The last 2 forward call ups are defensive oriented and PK oriented players. It's a given that the Oilers PK is brutal (2nd worst in the league with a 73.9% "efficiency" ) however after years of hearing from people that an AHL PP specialist wouldn't help the big clubs PP, why is it that it is different for an AHL PK specialist?

Craig Mactavish has resorted to falling back on the same things that got him to the SCF 3 years ago, and also has kept him out of the postseason more often than not in his time behind the Oilers bench. Heart, grit, defensive play, and "jam" over offense. The beauty of it, is that unless the Oilers top 6 forwards start to produce in a big way, this time it will cost him his job.

Moreau on the top line, Sestito and Reddox over Schremp, Potulny, and Brule, Smid at forward over calling up an offensive forward. For once in his Oilers coaching life Craig Mactavish is being held accountable for his actions, and he's relying on what has failed himself and the team so many times in the past to keep his job. Time for one last glorious failure MacT, let's see just how bad you can screw it up this time.

As we say in Hawaii, "Aloha Oi" Craig Mactavish, or in English until we meet again Craig Mactavish.

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