Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tim Sestito on His Way to Edmonton!

No word as to whether anyone else is on the way with him, but it is apparent that hard hitting and even harder working #11 will join the Oilers (with a different jersey # obviously!)

Sestito is a defensive player who hits hard, skates well, has a good shot, and always leaves it all on the ice. You never have to worry about getting an honest effort from Sestito, and he deserves this call up no matter what his stats may say.

Used in a specific role, Sestito could be a valuable player defensively and on the PK. His work ethic should also be contagious. With 2 of Springfield's hardest working players in Edmonton, the Oilers are probably trying to send a message that there are hungry and hard working guys on the farm that would LOVE to be everyday NHL players.

Hopefully more call ups are to come and we can see some of Springfield's point producers on the big club (after all the offense has been an issue too). But in the meantime the Oilers have definitely gotten a heart transplant in this NY native.

Congratulations to Tim Sestito, and here's to hoping that he makes the most of his first NHL regular season action!


Addicted-to-oil said...

I'm looking forward to seeing him in the lineup. We need someone who'll compete night in and night out. I've liked Reddox's game so far, and it sounds like Sestito will play a similar game.

Bryanbryoil said...

Similar game minus the skill and with more grit. I fail to see how this guy's one dimension will help the team while Schremp's would hurt it considering that we are worse offensively than we are defensively.

Addicted-to-oil said...

I'm thinking because Schremp's skill is unproven. He hasn't been able to show skill in the NHL (whether it be pre-season or the brief glances in the regular season), while something like grit or toughness is much easier to show coming from the AHL to the NHL.

Bryanbryoil said...

Yeah he didn't display any kind of passing skill in the preseason did he? Is Sestito's PKing ability any more "proven" than Schremp's game at the NHL level?

Addicted-to-oil said...

Haha, let's hope so :P

oilerdiehard said...

Good luck to Tim.

BBO just a thought. But would you sit out Nilsson and call up Schremp? I think to get a good audition they need to do something like that. Unless of course Gags is more injured than originally thought? That seems like a fair solution (for MacT) to not bringing more grit out of the line up to play Robbie.

Just thinking out loud. Keep up the good work Bryan. I posted in your roll call a little late sorry. Things have been hectic for me lately.


Bryanbryoil said...

Hey Dale, thanks for chiming in. I'm not a fan of taking out any of the skill in the line up. I think that they should look at having 1 true crash and bang line and 3 scoring lines.

Moreau-Sestito-Reddox would do the trick IMO.

MacT seems hell bent on sticking to his 2-1-1 line philosophy.

I'd like to see a 3-1 philosophy.

I just don't see MacT doing anything to facilitate Schremp getting called up in a top 6 role.

Unless Penner craps the bed or pisses the coach off with lack luster play, I don't see any way outside of a rash of injuries or a coaching change that we see Schremp up in Edmonton for any more than a cup of coffee at best.