Saturday, December 27, 2008

5 Years Later, Pouliot has Finally Arrived

Having watched Pouliot last year in Springfield, he really emerged as a goal scorer. Yet at the NHL level, his shot was not translating.

His career stats entering this season were 78gp. 6-13-19
This season 33gp. 6-4-10
Prorated to his previous career game total of 78 games he's on pace for 14-9-23

However Pouliot has transformed his game since his pro career started. In his rookie pro season in Hamilton, Pouliot had exactly twice as many assists as he had goals (15-30-45). Since that time at the AHL level, Pouliot has scored 35 goals and had 43 assists, a much more evenly balanced stat line.

Pouliot still shows the ability to make solid passes, but he is evolving into a shoot first ask questions later type of a player. I saw this in Pouliot last season in Springfield. I was questioning his role as a passer as he was a guy that would shoot much more so than pass.

Pouliot's evolution into a goal scorer has nearly been completed. It couldn't come at a better time with the Oilers lacking one shot goal scorers and goal scorers of any kind up front. As his confidence comes around, we'll be seeing more goals from #78.

He may not be Parise, he may not be Getzlaf, but at least he's well on his way to becoming a full time NHL player. And a fine one at that.


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Paper Designer said...

I just want to see Pouliot do something to prove that he is more than a player who holds his own in the NHL. Prior to that, it was all we saw out of Pouliot; a kid who could skate well enough, pass well enough, think well enough and defend well enough to play in the NHL, but not do anything in particular to make an impact. If he turns into a 20-25 goal scorer, great, then at least that something. Or if he adds a physical dimension. As long as he continues to show something that justifies his spot on this roster over a more intriguing player like Gilbert Brule.

Bryanbryoil said...

Paper Designer, it is funny that you mention Brule, as Pouliot is his best comp this year in Springfield. There are differences, but both are RH shooters that like to let the puck fly.

Pouliot adds size and IMO a little better passing ability, Brule adds exceptional speed and a little more of the desire to throw the body with reckless abandon.

I am starting to wonder about Nilsson's future with this organization. Schremp is playing downright gritty the last few games, and he is adding that as a permanent element to his game, where as before it was a very inconsistent part of his game.

hunter1909 said...

Pouliot bugs me.

First Oilers pass on Parise, just because they're morons.

Then I follow Pouliot's career in the 'Q", and he seems like a fine propect.

Then he starts developing 'problems', like mono. Stalls his development to the point you wonder if he's ever gong to make it.

Well, I've got news: Pouliot still hasn't made it.

How about a couple of clutch goals, or a game winner when everyone can see his ability?

Nah, we just get this hyped journeyman.

Keep him anyway, lol. He still might make it.

Bryanbryoil said...

Hunter-Pouliot's skillset and size makes him stand out from the other young offensive players. Like all young players consistency is an issue. We'll see what happens the next time that he goes 5+ games without a goal. Will he keep playing well, or fly under the radar again? IMO at this stage in his career he should be ready to be a solid contributor.