Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prediction From Prior to the Season Re: Pouliot and Schremp

Pouliot and Schremp in '08-09 = '07-08 Versions of Brodziak and Nilsson...

'06-07 AHL Brodziak 62gp. 24-32-56 0.387g/gm. 0.516a/gm. 0.903pts/gm.

'07-08 AHL Pouliot 55gp. 21-26-47 0.382g/gm. 0.473a/gm. 0.855pts/gm.

'06-07 AHL
Nilsson 69gp. 18-48-66 0.261g/gm. 0.696a/gm. 0.957pts/gm.

'07-08 AHL
Schremp 78gp. 23-53-76 0.295g/gm. 0.680a/gm. 0.974pts/gm.

Brodziak 23 years old at start of '07-08 season
Pouliot 23 years old at start of '08-09 season
Nilsson 22 years old at start of '07-08 season
Schremp 22 years old at start of '08-09 season

IMO we should see similar seasons from MAP and Schremp this year that we saw from Brodziak and Nilsson last year.

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Let's look at where this prediction sits at the moment...

Pouliot '08-09 33gp. 6-4-10 +3
Brodziak '07-08 33gp. 5-5-10 -6

Schremp '08-09 4gp. 0-3-3 +2
AHL 22gp. 2-19-21 +3

Nilsson '07-08 30gp. 3-12-15 +1
AHL 5gp. 2-2-4 +4

Pouliot is covering the bet because he has had an opportunity, and Schremp looks like he would cover the bet if he had the opportunity.

Both Brodziak's and Nilsson's stats have slipped from last season.

Brodziak '07-08 33gp. 5-5-10 -8
Brodziak '08-09 31gp. 6-2-8 -1

Nilsson '07-08 30gp. 3-12-15 +1
Nilsson '08-09 28gp. 4-6-10 -8

At least Brodziak has upped his defensive play from last year going from a -8 to a respectable -1. Nilsson on the other hand went from a respectable +1 to a horrendous -8 while producing less offense.

At this point it looks like it was a legit comp, maybe later on this season Schremp will get
the same opportunity afforded to all 3 of the other players in this post. Until that time, it is great to see that Pouliot is primed for a solid season and he is peaking at a time where the team could really use the offense.

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oilerdiehard said...

Speaking of Schremp. I have obviously not seen the Falcons games since he went back down. But has he been struggling?

The reason I ask is I do not know if you have been on the masslive Falcons board lately?

They have a thread over there entitled "Schremp to Stockton or gone - sign up here". There has been a few posts seconding the motion.

That really surprised me. I know they are sour because of how the team has been playing. But I did not realize some of them think Robbie has been that bad. I know a few posters through the season have said he has not been as good of a player in Springfield as he was last year.

I will have to defer to your judgment on that as you get to see them play a lot more than I do. But in the few games I purchased he looked pretty good to me. Though not as strong on the PP as the previous season.