Monday, January 12, 2009

The '05-'06 Cup Run Has Led to this Mess

One shining moment in recent Oilers history has brought on years of misery. A coach and former GM that no matter how poorly they perform can point to a few months where they were seen as larger than life heroes. Hell, I even put my longstanding hate of MacT aside in that stretch.

To think that the coach and even GM may have been let go if the team missed the playoffs or got spanked in the 1st round that year. It is amazing how many of the players that were part of that drive have come and gone, yet the men at the top of the heap can boast a level of job security that few people ever achieve in life.

Obviously it was all the coach and the GM, they were the 2 people that drove that bus into North Carolina for game 7 of the Cup Finals. The same coach that can never be ridiculed because "it's the players:", the same GM that overpaid all but 1 of the remaining Oilers from that run. If the coach can't be criticized for the players putrid play, then why in the hell is he applauded when they play well?

Why should anyone be allowed to bask in their one shining moment for a lifetime in pro sports? Better coaches and GM's have been fired for doing much more than these 2 EVER did. But this team and these men seem intertwined tighter than DNA.

Anaheim had a coach and GM change after making the Cup Finals, with a new coach and GM in tow, they won the Cup. Carolina saw a coaching change before returning to the Finals and winning it all. Calgary has had 2 new coaches since making the Finals despite making the post season and being a perennial North West Division contender.

Yet we are left with 2 men that are lucky to have jobs at the NHL level, let alone secure ones, 5 overpaid members of that run (Moreau, Staios, Pisani, Horcoff, and Roloson) and we are right back to where they started in their managerial positions. Minus the never say die attitude, the top seeds fearing the small market team filled with heart and desire.

We have come full circle from where they started. This despite once being a small market team and now having a level playing field, or quite frankly a playing field that makes US big fish in a small pond. Higher paid players, more skill, same results? Pardon me while I try to figure out this formula.

This fan would gladly give up the memory of that experience to see some actual change in the way that this team is run on and off the ice.

Oilers hockey, where a Cinderella run can trump years of failing to do a good job.

You're in Oil country, where the team seems to have some slick customers that can talk their way out of a lynching.

Lowe and MacT bleed Oil, snake oil that they conveniently bottle and sell to the fans.


Wrath said...

"Why should anyone be allowed to bask in their one shining moment for a lifetime in pro sports? Better coaches and GM's have been fired for doing much more than these 2 EVER did. But this team and these men seem intertwined tighter than DNA."

Now don't get me wrong here, I really have enjoyed your blog Bryan, and I'm all for change but I think your going a little overboard here after all when it comes to hockey in Edmonton Kevin Lowe has been here from pretty much day one.
a little reminder: Notable achievements: 6 Stanley Cups also..

Kevin Lowe holds the Edmonton Oilers record for most regular season and playoff games played as an Oiler (1037 and 172). He was the team's first-ever NHL draft pick, and scored their first NHL goal (a power play goal against the Chicago Blackhawks assisted by Wayne Gretzky and Brett Callighen). During his professional hockey career, Lowe did not play a single game in the minor leagues, and his teams only once failed to make the playoffs.
Kevin Lowe was named an NHL all-star in 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1993. He also won the league's King Clancy Memorial Trophy in 1990.
EDM - Career Reg Season Stats: Team Totals(Oilers): GP:1,037 G:74 A:309 P:383 +/-:+232 PIM:1,236
EDM - Career Playoff Stats
Team Totals:
GP:172 G:9 A:43 P:52 +/-:EVEN PIM:156
As for MacTavish I Personally think he's a good Coach. Who was a very good shut down type player who put up some decent numbers: TeamTotals
GP:701 G:155 A:176 P:331 +/-:+8 PIM:680
Oh yeah he won 4 cups too (3 with the oilers) and with the fourth He is remembered as the player who took the last faceoff for the Rangers in Game 7 of the 94 Cup Finals against the Canucks with 1.6 seconds remaining, to solidify the win, & break the Rangers' 54-year Stanley Cup "Curse".
Sounds like we could use a "Mactavish" out on the ice.
But honestly I think he has run his course as the coach of this version of the Mighty Oil, just not enough of "his type of player" like there was on that wonderful run, But I would never call it there "one shining moment"
Two Great figures in what will surely be remembered as one of the greatest hockey teams in one of the greatest hockey city's to ever participate in the NHL...
Don't lose the faith my man
and keep up the good work.

hunter1909 said...

MacT you can call many things, but a "great figure" isn't one of them.

Bryanbryoil said...

That's the thing Wrath, they were exceptional players, however they are no longer players and as far as I'm concerned once you retire and head into management you are to be graded on your job there not what you did prior to that.

Both had 1 shining moment in 8 years in management preceded and followed by mediocrity.

As long as we all listen to them because of what they accomplished as players and don't hold them accountable for the next step in their careers, we'll be going nowhere as a team.

hunter1909 said...
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