Monday, March 30, 2009

Anything Short of a Coaching Change This Summer Should Trigger an Oilers Boycott

Enough is enough, the Oilers are too predictable of a bunch and under this coach are not able to adjust their game plans against key opposition. Yeah it may have happened ONCE, 3 seasons ago, however if we have to wait until the playoffs to see Craig MacTavish's "magic" we are in trouble. We haven't gotten there 2 years in a row and are in a tough spot not to make it 3. Not to mention outside of that one run, he has never done anything of note in the postseason.

With the acquisitions of O'Sullivan and Kotalik, this team once again declined to move forward with a 3 scoring line approach. While I don't mind the recently constructed 4th line at all, we now once again have 2 lines that can't score. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if MacT goes power vs. power with the Horcoff line, then what's the need for a checking line at home?

On the road I can understand if you're going up against a team with at least 2 very effective scoring lines, but why not move forward with a 3rd scoring line? MacT's unwillingness to drop Moreau and even Pisani at times into a 4th line role has hurt the team all year long.

With our current roster, what's wrong with trying something like this?

Penner-Horcoff-Pisani (tough minutes line)
Kotalik-Gagner-Hemsky (top offensive line)
O'Sullivan-Cogliano-Nilsson (2nd scoring line/softer minutes line with speed)
Moreau-Brodziak-Stortini (energy/secondary defensive line)
Jacques, Pouliot, MacIntyre

Then at the draft, move Moreau and slide Jacques into his spot.

That is a much better looking lineup and it fits better with our puck moving defense corps. Unless there's a coaching change this summer, it will be the same story again. This team lacks winners, it starts with MacT and it ends with Moreau.

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