Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Biggest Game of the Year, AGAIN!

The Oilers want their fans to get into the game and cheer them on. Well isn't that cute. How about instead of these millionaire's feeling sorry for themselves, they go out there and give the fans something to cheer about? Time after time this season, the Oilers have let game after game slip away because they lack leadership, coaching, and a killer instinct. Yet now after weeks of the Captain saying that everything will be alright and there's plenty of time left, suddenly they need us on their side to pull their asses out of hot water?

Seriously, you want the fans support? Is that what you really want? If so, then play with passion, take the body, fight and claw for EVERY loose puck, sacrifice your body for the greater good of the team, and work as hard as most of the people that are paying to watch the game do day in and day out. That's a good start from where I sit.

Show some damned pride when you get blitzed 10-1 and 9-2 on home ice, apologize to the fans, don't act as if it's not a big deal and that the fans aren't owed anything for paying to watch that crap. This team has had very few moments this year where the Oilers have done something special to get the fans out of their seats in approval.

Expectations were high and the coach himself helped to fuel that fire. All will be forgiven for the time being if you get into the post season, the players will once again be cheered by a raucous Edmonton crowd. Until then, get the fans warmed up by beating the quackers in every area of the ice like they did to us except in the crease not all that long ago.

Play with fire, passion, and controlled rage and the fans will follow. Play like there will always be tomorrow as you have done the last month and prepare to get booed off the ice. The choice is yours, of you want the fan support, for the first time this season EARN IT!

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