Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Mouth Breathing Poo Slinger Has Got To Go!

That was the single worst coaching decision I have seen in my 13 or so years as an Oilers fan, and that's saying something for a team that has had MacT as coach for 8 of them. The momentum was clearly on our side, we had 2+ minutes, had our timeout, and we have Souray's bomb. So MacT pulls one of his old tricks out of his ass and puts us on the PK for the remainder of the game.

For a coach that seems to crap on players for taking unnecessary risks, what in the world was he thinking? I feel like chicken tonight? Beef, it's what's for dinner? Chuck 'E Cheese, where a coach can be a kid? That was atrocious, stupid, ridiculous, embarrassing, pathetic, place expletive here ______.

If there was ANY chance of MacT staying because Lowe will miss his broken venus flytrap of a mouth, or his wit, or his stories about how good the good old days were, this should've kicked Lowe right in the junk.

In the meantime Dustin Penner, the player that MacT loves to hate, was one of the very few players that actually seemed to have given a damn. Tonight was a prime example of why this team us better off losing out the rest of the season. A better draft pick and a fresh start next year, and by fresh I don't mean a lateral move of promoting Buchberger or Huddy, that's about as fresh as a septic tank.

Get this frickin clown out of here, it's long overdue.


raventalon40 said...

You said everything I wanted to say but better, especially when it comes to promoting within the team. I think the Tambellini hire is a good sign that progress can be made from outside the Old Boy's Club but you can never be too sure. I don't know if I would agree that all of this was MacTavish's doing though - though if there was a straw (or a metal pipe) that broke that camel's back, it was that call at the end. Jen Sharpe and the Oilers PR seems to have pushed some of the blame onto the fans "for not enough support" or something ridiculous of that nature.

Bryanbryoil said...

There's plenty of blame to go all the way around. Firing Lowe at this point would be less of an impact that getting a new coach. If Lowe were still GM, IMO they should've been canned as a pair. I must admit though, the waiting forever to finally pull the trigger on a trade and allowing MacT to run this team into the toilet has Lowe's finger prints all over it.